Karma (3:21)
Music by: Eric Knight & Ramon Blanco
Lyrics by: Eric Knight
Taken from the EP | Welcome to Babylon


 I gotta feeling 

An eerie feeling

That somethings going on

And I can't help myself

My body's shaking

My heart is breaking

The vibe your giving me

Is so frustrating

The promises you break are killing me
You can't keep your word
Stop lying to me
My soul can't keep it's sanity
The karma lies with you
I gotta feeling
Seeing is believing
The way you mistreated me
He must have a spell on you
My body's trembling
The laughters never ending
The thought of you and him is devastating
The promises you speak mean nothing to me
Your trust has been broken, such a travesty 
My soul can't face reality the burden falls on you

copyright © 2015 Disciples of Babylon Songs. (ASCAP) (BMI)